02 February 2014

farsighted quilt.
in a continuing effort to document all of my quilt making over the past couple of years,
i'm going to share all of the quilts from my book, quilts made with love.
my goal is to share one quilt a day.

today's quilt is farsighted.
everyone gets a little homesick, but wrapping up in a quilt can be so comforting.
i love pairing busy fabrics with a simple design.
this quilt would make any college student feel right at home.

quilt stats:
size = 60 1/2" x 60 1/2"
fabric = terrain and cuzco by kate spain for moda
piecing = rachel griffith
quilting = darla padilla
pattern = farsighted from quilts made with love

dorm quilt or not, this is a fun quilt to make. (and give!)

xo, rachel

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Suze said...

I love the name of your quilt. I am so, so farsighted, it is not funny. In November, the only neruo opthamologist in the state, told me he could not make glasses thick enough for me to see to read up close. So, I knew my only option was surgery. I had surgery in late November. Now, I have a new Rx for glasses. I can see to read and cannot see to drive with my glasses. I can take my glasses off to drive. However, that was not the goal since I have astigmatism. So, tomorrow I make the 100 mi trek (provided there is no more snow and the roads are passable) to get my prescription tweaked. You are absolutely - a college student would absolutely love a quilt such as this. My "children" are in their 30's and are hinting for mom to make them quilts now. My son is still using a store purchase quilt from when he was in junior high. I think it's time for mom to get busy. Thanks for sharing the eye candy every day. It is inspiring!

Melody said...

I love this one Rachel. I've got several big pieces I've not wanted to cut and this would be perfect.

Nita said...

Great as a huge quilt sized block or smaller! Love it.

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