special post: mandie no blog introduces herself!!!

26 January 2009

everyone meet mandie...she's uses capital letters like a grown up...hahaha.
i thought that yall should meet her before i go into my story.
{which will be posted later today.}
Hello, All,
This is "Mandie No-Blog," which is how I am apparently referred to in my bff's blog!
LOL....I just want you all to know that I appreciate your encouragement in my very first quilting endeavor, and know that I am in good hands!
Rach and I spend all weekend together talking fabrics, shopping, ordering, and daydreaming.
I am enrolled in my first sewing class in March, but in the meantime, Rach has promised to show me a few tricks!
OH, and I got the fabric for my very first quilt!!!!
It's going to be a kitty quilt (I am a kitty mom), and I'm soooooo super excited!
Thanks for all the love and support!
Can't wait to join your community!
Love, Mandie No-Blog, or "monica bang" for krista's friends reference!! :)

P.S. That's my picture on the cover of Irish Quilter's magazine!!!!
Love, Mandie No-Blog
Just kidding. :)
so there's manders.
my bff.

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Pat said...

Very pleased to meet you, Mandie-No-Blog. I am thinking you may be the CALMER half of the Rachel-Mandie duo???? hehehehehe (Just kidding, Rachel...you know we all love you....me included!) Have fun with the quilting, Mandie. You have one of the most enthusiastic teachers I know. :)

Kritta22 said...

Welcome Monica Bang. That's what your blog name should be!!

I think you need a place to put all your pictures of your wonderful quilts and stories you are going to be telling! And we need to see pictures of your kitty kids!!

(Does your kitty have a little bell on it so you can hear it go through the cat door, like Chandler's does?? (Well in his future anyway)

Shelly said...

It’s about time we got to meet you Mandie-No-Blog! Now all you have to do is put a foot into the blog stream and start your own blog, then you won’t be Mandie-No-Blog, but Mandie-HAS-a-Blog! And YES you are in very good hands. I’m making my first ever quilt as well—Thanks to Rachel’s calendar quilt and then she and others talking about other swaps and quilts got me started on 2 others. I’m nuts, but with their help, I’ll get through it—and so will you!

a good yarn said...

G'Day Mandie. Welcome aboard. Rachel's blog is a rollercoaster of fun, fabric and fotos (sorry about the spelling but I didn't want to ruin the effect).

Happy Stitching...Ann :)

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