date night.

07 January 2009

it's date night.

the hubby & i are going to go see a play!!!
not just any play.
but rent.

remember a few months back i said:
"i have something up my sleeve for the hubby for christmas"
well it was rent tickets!!!

the hubby saw rent when he was in new york a few years back.
but i've never seen it.
so tonight's the night.
and i'm SUPER excited.

we haven't been to a play since last valentine's day.
we went and saw wicked.
{by the way it was amazing!!!}

but the other cool thing is...
we are the first city on the tour!!!
go cleveland!!!
last night was opening night!!!

so details & pics tomorrow.

gotta go get ready.
more importantly get the kids stuff ready for the sitter.
which happens to by my bff.
{thanks again manders!!!}

while we are out painting the town red...
don't forget to sign up for my giveaway!!!
and today is the last day to sign up for the calendar quilt challenge!!!

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Kritta22 said...

WOW!! What a date night! We usually just go to dinner! We want pictures and details!! Have fun!!

andsewon said...

Hummm... must of been some date post yet today!! Haaaaaaa!
Hope you had fun.
Love plays!

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