22 January 2009

so here we have bistro by deb strain.
i'm sure yall have seen it...right???

well i've always thought that it was a SUPER cute line.
but i never thought that i would actually buy any of it.

so the other night my hubby told me i could spend $100 on a fabric shopping spree online.
i know...sweet huh???
{thanks honey. you're the bestest!!!}
well being that there is SO much out there that i wanted...i got a little overwhelmed.

so the hubby & i sat down and 'window shopped' online.
i told him the lines that i've been dying to get my hands on...
the lines that i could live without...
yadda yadda yadda.

and yes hubby enjoys helping with fabric selections.
isn't that nice???

i won't tell you everything we bought yet.
{that's a whole new post waiting to happen!!!}
plus i want it all to get here so i can take pics...on my NEW CAMERA!!!
{more on that later too...promise!!!}

but anyway back to the reason for this post...
the hubby really liked the bistro line.
and we decided that bistro would make the cutest potholders EVER.
{have i failed to mention that we are in serious need of potholders???}

and here's the funny part:
hubby HATES coffee!!!
so i have NO clue why he picked it.
maybe it's because we are f.r.i.e.n.d.s fans and it reminded him of central perk!!!
{mandie & krista...i know yall are laughing at that!!!}
but i, on the other hand, LOVE coffee.
typical square peg, round hole aren't we???

so coming soon to a blog near you is my new bistro jelly roll!!!
{and an assembly line of bistro potholders.}

p.s. yall have to check THIS out!!!
trust me!!! you'll thank me for it later!!!

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Anonymous said...

Ha! I am FINALLY the first one to comment on your blog!!!!

Love the Friends reference! I'm so upset right now! Only you can understand that! LOL....

Love the jelly roll I'm hungry!


Nanette Merrill said...

Rachel, how sweet of your husband and how wonderful that you can communicate on a fabric level! I'm jealous. Good for you. Can't wait to see what you got.

Sherri said...

Good for you...$100 will go a long way! And Bistro will make great potholders...maybe even a table runner! I can't wait to see what else you're going to buy!

Kritta22 said...

Your hubby sat and fabric shopped with you!??! You need to keep him around!

What's this camera thing?? Did you get it already?!! What kind? Where did you get it? Are you so excited? I might have a site for you to play with your camera. I have to ask if you can join cuz it's private but I think you will really really like it.

And yes I did giggle at friends.

You are going to use a whole jelly roll for potholders?? Christmas presents or what? that would make like 50 of them.

undoubtably_me said...

The Bistro line is fabulous! I bought a jelly roll and a layer cake, and I'm in the middle of assembling a massive quilt using as much of the fabric as I can! Have fun playing with your new toys :)

a good yarn said...

The family that play together, stay together. Lucky you!

Have fun...Ann :)

Busy Little Quilter said...

That Moda Bake Shop is fantastic. Thanks for the great link!

I can't wait to see what you bought.

Shelly said...

I too have a hubby that helps me choose fabrics, even helps cut it when I can no longer operate the rotary cutter or hold the ruler (having fibromyalgia really sucks sometimes). He likes to help me with my projects and I with his. Hate coffee, but love the fabrics--such neat colors and prints!

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