well worth the work

02 May 2008

well it wasn't an easy task, but i think i may have successfully edited my granddaddy & grandmomma's wedding picture. {for the endless love quilt.} here's what i did: i brightened it, enriched the colors and chose to keep the antique look by keeping the sepia undertones. and because of the wear & tare on the actual photo, i had to soften it to hide the many wrinkles and creases. {since it's almost 52 years old!} what i'm really excited about is that i chose to crop it. i wanted to give it more of an intimate look by taking out some of the background distractions. i did, however, pay special attention to leaving their cake in the picture for my granddaddy. {i know he'll appreciate that!} i wanted to post the original along with the edited version so yall could see all the changes and give me some feedback. won't that look just stunning with the fabrics??? {fabrics are pictured in my previous blog.} tell me what yall think...please.

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