unveiling the endless love fabrics

01 May 2008

so i decided that with the endless love quilt i would show progression pictures, which i think is super fun. {i like seeing everyone's projects unfold blog to blog...don't you???} and as promised, here are some of the fabrics i will be using in my granddaddy's quilt. aren't they lovely??? these colors make me either wanna drink a latte or play in the sand, i can't decide...lol. i love these colors...very soothing to me. and don't forget that i plan on using some homemade tea dyed fabrics as well. {along with some scraps i have that are in the same color family.} won't this look just gorgeous next to their wedding photo??? {the photo is in the "endless love...my newest project" blog, in case you missed it.} i'm excited, that's for sure. do yall like 'em???

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