irish quilt=great success

29 April 2008

okay yall. here is the moment that we've all been waiting for. the irish quilt is finished!!! yayyy. i put the finishing touches on it yesterday afternoon and by last night, mandie was here to get it. she walked in, i made her close her eyes and i stood in front of her with it open for her to see. she cried. i cried. it was a beautiful thing. to her, this was the 1st quilt ever made/given to her. for me, this was something that will always have a piece of my heart with it because of jimmy's death. it was a very emotional gift giving session to say the least. she loves it. she said it was nothing like she envisioned. {she said her mind imagined lots of white and green fabrics.} this is by far, my most favorite quilt that i've done. and i'm super happy to FINALLY unveil the irish quilt in it's glory. enjoy. {and this is my bestest friend mandie by the way.}

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Busy Little Quilter said...

What a sweet gift. It's beautiful. I love the greens and browns. Aren't BFF's great?!

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