endless love: my newest project

30 April 2008

well it didn't take long, but i'm back at it. i have decided on a new project. but first a background as to why. my granddaddy is this 82 year old southern gentleman, who without a doubt, has always loved my grandmomma. mister alfred o'neil hendrick & miss ada edd davis married on july 3rd, 1956. i am sad to say that my grandmomma passed away in 1997, before my 15th bday. and this july would have made their 52nd wedding anniversary. so...i thought to myself, "why not make him a quilt with their wedding picture on it?!?" my momma sent me their wedding picture, and it's the sweetest thing. it's gonna require some editing, but well worth the work. i'm planning to give this to my granddaddy when my family & i go to charleston for vacation. {which just happens to be the 1st week in july, so we will be there for granddaddy's anniversary, july 3rd, and my momma's bday, july 4th.} to say i'm excited about this quilt is an understatement. i can't wait to see the love in his face when he sets his eyes on it. because his love for her is so endless. which is why i'm naming this quilt endless love. isn't this the sweetest picture??? {my aunt made their wedding cake by the way.} i'm planning to use beautiful creams and soft beiges...along with some homemade tea died fabric. {i'll let you know how that goes...lol.} so what do yall think???

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