06 February 2014

turnaround quilt.
in a continuing effort to document all of my quilt making over the past couple of years,
i'm going to share all of the quilts from my book, quilts made with love.
my goal is to share one quilt a day.

today's quilt is turnaround.
i believe that curling up with a pretty quilt is very therapeutic, especially when everything else in the world seems out of place.

quilt stats:
size = 58" x 58"
fabric = kona solids for robert kaufman
piecing = molly culley
quilting = darla padilla
pattern = turnaround from quilts made with love

no matter what the reasoning, this is a fun quilt to make. (and give!)

xo, rachel

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Alicia said...

Why are the quilts from your book given different names from your individual patterns?

rachel griffith said...

hi, alicia.

thanks for your email.

publishers and authors work together hand in hand to put together a solid book. a lot of times, the publishers wish to renew an authors' previous work, especially if it was scattered throughout via magazines &/or other online editorials. they have found that majority of consumers enjoy this effort. while there are four of the oldest rachel griffith designs patterns redone for the book, the single patterns are still available for the consumers that wish to only have a single pattern. furthermore, the pattern audience and the book audience are generally different. (some people enjoy purchasing patterns while others enjoy purchasing books.) in terms of the name changes, they were given new names to fit the overall vision/theme of the book. i hope this helps.

xo, rachel

Rya, Rotterdam said...

I do like your row of quilts on your blog very much; great idea.
All the different designs are wonderful, I'll keep watching.
Kind regards,
Rya Lucas, Rotterdam. Holland

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