sew together bag.

28 February 2014

boom. done. i survived! my bag is complete! i struggled a bit, but i powered through. i had to eat like 3 cookies, 4 pieces of dove chocolate and a buttload of pretzels, but i did it! in all honesty, i had a harder time with the actual construction than t
so, i needed a new bag.
yes, needed.
it's legit.

the truth is, everyone on instagram (i'm @rachelgriffith) was making their own #sewtogetherbag.
i just had to have one for myself.

here's the inside of my bag. (see previous pic for the outside.) i was a bit of a rebel and did 6 different fabrics for the pocket linings instead of making them matchy matchy. me likes it. (; #perfectschmerfect #sewtogetherbag
some changes that i made ...
i went with the quilt as you go method (QAYG) for the exterior.
i used pellon fusible fleece instead of a thin interfacing.
i chose 6 different fabrics for my pocket linings to give it more of scrappy look.
i left out the pin cushion and needle landing.
and i did most of the bindings by hand. (old habit.)

all in all, i'm in love.
i think the bulkiness during construction was my least favorite part, but that's my fault because i used fusible fleece.
and get this, i was freaking out over the zippers (remember this post?) but the zippers were actually pretty easy.

and here's the truth ... y'all need a this bag, too.
it holds EVERYTHING.
go and tell your husband i said so.

well, i'm going in. y'all should watch for distress signals. zippers are so not my forte. it makes total sense that i'd attempt to make a bag with 4 zippers in it, right?! #howboutnoscott #ladyballs #sewtogetherbag
bag & tool stats:
pattern = sew together bag by sew demented
size = 10" x 5" x 5"
fabrics = scrappy
fusible fleece = pellon (987F)
zippers = via zipit (9" in aqua marine, mustard yellow & slate gray. 18" in gray.)
thread = aurifil (2600 & 5004)
scissors = famore cutlery (715, 719 & 728)
starch = mary ellen's best press (linen fresh)
pins = clover extra fine glass head patchwork pins
rotary cutter = olfa splash
seam ripper = clover
magnetic pin bowl = via pleasant home (hi, jodi!)

so, have you made this fantastic bag?
if not, is it on your to make list?
it should be. just sayin'.

xo, rachel

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Patticakes Patricia Mishler Handmade said...

I love it! How do I get the pattern?

Janet said...

All that work with the zips was really worth it. What a great bag!

Janet said...

All that work with the zips was really worth it. What a great bag!

Julie said...

I just recently made this, last month I think, and I just love mine! I used the fusible fleece too so it seemed a little sturdier. Yours is beautiful, great work!

Unknown said...

I love the bag! Can you share the pattern?

Susan said...

Oh very pretty and yes, zips are my least favourite part of sewing too, but when you do a lovely job like this, you deserve to be proud.

Pattie D said...

I love this bag! I have made two and have a third one cut out...none for me yet :( ...I will get to it eventually. I was worried about constructing this bag but I felt like it went together really quite easily, and it turns out so nice! I was tempted to handstitch the binding also, but I did sew it down with the machine, and I was not disappointed.Thanks for sharing yours....very fun!

Material Girl said...

I made this bag and really like it. I used soft and stable, love the result, but sewing it was not fun. I was going to make another with fusible fleece, maybe I should just use shape flex.

KeyQuilter said...

Cool! Now I gotta make one! bought & printed pattern just now.

Lin's Quilts said...

Please share where you go the pattern.
lin3841 at gmail dot com


Your bag is wonderful and the better for being customised to your own needs! Have enjoyed looking round your lovely quilty blog! xCathy p.s. Giveaway at mine if you like?

Melanie said...

I would love to know where you got the date stamp fabric from! that's awesome!

Unknown said...

I ordered the pattern last month and it is just sitting there shouting out to me, "Make me.!" and now you are shouthing "Make me!". I think I'll be doing just that very soon.

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