second wind.

04 February 2014

second wind quilt.
in a continuing effort to document all of my quilt making over the past couple of years,
i'm going to share all of the quilts from my book, quilts made with love.
my goal is to share one quilt a day.

today's quilt is second wind.
when loved ones are facing and injury or illness, it's easy to feel powerless to help them.
presenting them with a quilt is a sure way to express your willingness to care and comfort.

quilt stats:
size = 65 1/2" x 65 1/2"
fabric = stitch by betz white for robert kaufman
piecing = lani padilla
quilting = darla padilla
pattern = second wind from quilts made with love

illness or not, this is a fun quilt to make. (and give!)

xo, rachel

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Dianne Mitzel said...

love this quilt!!! I may have to get the your colors, enjoy your blog so much!

Tiffany said...

I love this one too!

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