time flies.

06 June 2013

first day of school vs last day of school. :D
my goodness, the school year flies, doesn't it?
today is the last day of school for the griffith kiddos.

the top pic is the first day of school.
the bottom pic is from this morning.

as of today, i'm momma to a middle schooler, a second grader, a first grader and a potty training 2 year old.
that's just bananas.
and i feel old.

tomorrow begins the get into the summer groove song & dance.
it always takes us a bit of time.
how about y'all?

also, i know i'm a day late, but ...
the winner of the fabrics n quilts giveaway is katie q.

congrats to you, katie!!!
email me: rachel at psiquilt dot com

thanks to all of y'all that entered.

xo, rachel

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Lani @ Simply Fresh Vintage said...

Yes time does fly ... way, way too fast. Hug 'm tight and hold 'm a little longer :)

Amazing ... they still fit in the same clothes. That in itself is quite an accomplishment with kiddos.

Hugs ...

Anonymous said...

What great pics! I'm sure a fun summer awaits!
Congrats Katie Q!

Melinda said...

Isn't it insane to see how much they mature in just a year? We bought my daughter's pictures at the beginning of last year and the end of this year. In only a year and a half went from looking 9 to looking 15!! And she's only 11! I will have a new middle schooler and a second grader next year so I'm right there with you!

Jacqueline said...

Great looking kids...

IHeartQuilting said...

Aw, so cute. The best thing about the first few weeks of summer is not setting the alarm clock for 6:15am every day. I still like to be up early during the summer, I am a morning person. But my 9 yr old is not, so I let her sleep in and I get some early quiet time every day. Enjoy having them home!

Dawn said...

Don't you love pictures that could be from 10-15 years in the future. I can see a young woman in your daughter's face. Pretty

Sorcha girl said...

What adorable children!! Look at those grins!! Thanks for sharing the pictures, Rachel!! Enjoy all those summer activities.

Qltr89 said...

Yes, Rachel, time flies. It seems like it was yesterday when my kids were young. My youngest son is in Afghanistan on his 4th deployment. He is career Army. My older son just turned 39. Now, my nieces have graduated from college! I feel old sometimes myself but not all the time. Thank heaven for hair color. Thank you for sharing photos of your beautiful children. They look really happy. Keep gicing them hugs while you can.

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