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28 December 2010

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winners = bronwyn & melinda
email: rachel {at} psiquilt {dot} com


UH OH!!!
looks like santa dropped a few packages!!!

what happened to these packages???
how did they get lost???
where are they now???
what fabric goodies were in these packages???

here's the deal:
take my ho! ho! ho! pic & write a blog post!!!
give us the deets on what went down on christmas eve.
& PLEASE be creative!!!

please leave a comment with the url address of your story.
it should look something like this...
please DO NOT use your main url.
*if you don't have a blog, leave your story in the comment section*

santa's helpers will read through yall's stories while sipping hot chocolate!!!

TWO lucky writers will win a $50 gift certificate to fat quarter shop!!!
{winner will be drawn on new year's eve.}

let the stories begin!!!

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Nancy said...

I might be dense - (nothing new there! LOL) but I'm assuming that you need a blog to enter. What about people that don't have blogs?

cathy said...

I would love to win a gift certificate to fat quarter shop, but I am blogless can I enter too please?

Timolily said...


rachel griffith said...

leave your stories in the comment section if you are blogless.

patricia said...

I learned a lesson this Christmas: there are things one must do while wearing one's glasses. As the hubbs and I were tearing into gifts, he opened one that he already received. My mistake. One of those actually belongs to my cousin Vinny. (Yep. He's real.)

I peaked in to one bag and thought he had really done a very neat job. It belonged to my sister-in-law. Worse part, I was sneaking through the bags and tried to figure out what that one was. Yep, I wrapped that one too.

Pepe said...


In italian plus traslation... :-)

Anonymous said...


Matt's Momma said...

Momma always taught me that I shouldn't take what wasn't mine BUT one of these packages just has to be mine! Look at all of the new fabric that is in this box just waiting to be held and touched in a new quilt! Look at all of the charm squares lined up ready to become the border of the layer cake quilt... oh, Santa ~ did you think because it is a layer cake that the bakery is waiting for this package?

Marcia W. said...

Hi Rachel! Thanks for allowing blogless followers to post too. We began our celebration on Christmas Eve with my SIL's annual seafood cookout she has for her father's family. The grandnieces ages 2 and 5 were running around the yard with something in their hands. Each held it out then put it behind their back giggling saying "We don't have any horse hay in our hands and you can't see it." Kids! Christmas Day was nice and quiet - my mother and I alone at home. The 4-generation family celebration was Sunday. Twenty of us for a wonderful meal and present exchange. I gave the grandnieces toy guitars - the noisemakers are payback for all the pranks their Moms played on me when youngsters! The best Christmas present was rocking my newborn grandniece who is adorable, and pretty, with lots of black hair. Received only one Christmas gift and it was a great holiday. So, would love to have a second (by winning) gift! Happy New Years to you and yours.

Jennifer said...


Mission accomplished!

Jennifer said...


Oops - I used my main url in the first comment.

I think this is correct!

Nanbon44 said...

Hope you like my tale


Xina said...

Santa brings an upward 1,000 balloons each year to the kids...Christmas morning they search in the balloons to find their presents. Later in the day, I was sewing in sewing room and needed something from my closet, I went in there and lo and behold, I had forgotten to put one of my daughters gifts out in the balloons. It was carefully snuck in the balloons and later she exclaimed as she found it....'I don't know how I missed it the FIRST time!'. hah! Have photos of balloons if want to see?

Jessica said...

What a great idea! I had so much fun writing! I hope you enjoy :)


Bron @ Stop That Owl said...


BillieBee (billiemick) said...

I blogged your HO! HO! HO! giveaway and told my Christmas Eve story in mostly pictures.


Marie said...

How fun - I'm off to write my story. Stay tuned.

Hugs - Marie

Lucky Duck Dreams said...

I ho ho hoed at my blog http://cyarnell.blogspot.com/2010/12/and-it-came-with-fabric-buttons-and.html check out my presents!

Patty said...

On Christmas eve i was up on the housetop waiting for Santa. Guess I must have scared him cos when he saw me he jumped back into his sled and I noticed some packages tumble out as he took off. I searched for them but couldn't find them Christmas eve. Now I realize where they landed....at Rachel's home.

Mouster1 said...

Ho Ho Ho, said Santa on Christmas morning as he dropped out of sight. Little did he realize that as he left he accidentally forgot a box that was filled with the best present yet. In it he had a layer cake and charm squares too. Oh my, what will this quilter do? I think that Santa would be glad if the quilter made a new quilt for his pad.

Pamela said...

Here is my story - what fun I had coming up with it!


Carol said...

Ho,ho,ho, said Santa, I have dropped a few packages! But Santa, being the kind and generous soul that he is, decided to just pick up the dropped packages and leave them at the next quilter's house. Who will it be?

lorraine said...

Christmas Eve? That's so long ago - but we did go to Midnight services at Saint Mary's Anglican Church in the Oakwood Cemetary, Chatsworth, CA. It was warmer than previous Christmas Eve services. Christmas Day was busy - scurring to get the house in order and here we are 3 days later and still looking at gifts to be opened. I love stretched out holidays. mabbettlorraine at yahoo dot com

Mommarock said...

So it was getting late and Santa was in a hurry.. the weather was cold and the snow began to flurry. The packages were addressed to a quilter named momma, well Santa got confused and said..that could be all of them. I think my package got lost in a stash when the reindeer all took off in a dash..
So check your stash well, are my goodies in there?? If so, please mark them "Handle with care".


Renegade Quilter said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Renegade Quilter said...

This what really happened on Christmas Eve. True story.


Kylie Ross said...

Doing the Happy Dance that I worked out how to do this - thanks for the push to try xx

Lisnaweary Quilts said...

Great fun, thanks for the chance to win!

grendelskin said...

Hey, that was fun!

pbs said...

Santa's elves were busy mailing me a Fandago Jelly Roll from Fat Quarters. The snow was falling and wonderful friends surprised us with a visit.

Can't wait to see it after vacation!

Peach Rainbow said...

Here's what happened to my gifts ;-)

This is fun, Thanks for hosting :D

suz said...

So, being blogless (for a little longer), I have to tell you how those packages ended up at your house. See, Santa has (well, he had) a great GPS and when he was at my house it slipped out of his pocket and rolled under my tree! Now, since I was born without a "find your way" gene, I decided to be naughty and not tell him 'cause I need it more than he does (hey, the guy has elves to read maps for him!), so, while he was trying to read his maps, because he was travelling solo (this year), his sleigh got a bit wonky and apparently those gifts fell out of the bag and down your chimney! You, apparently, are "good" since you're willing to share! I think I'd keep on being naughty. Wonder if that's my new thing for 2011? Hmmm, I'd better rethink that, huh?

Anonymous said...

On Christmas Eve as I stared at the night sky, I so missed my children and grand children, they were there and I am here. I seen what I thought was a shooting star, but wait it was, could it be, yes, a tiny little sleigh winging through the night, I sent hugs and kisses to my family, hoping they would catch a ride on that sleigh, when he reached my family, the hugs and kisses could sneak into their gifts. I smiled and went back inside. Holding Christmases past so dear.

Anonymous said...

oops I forgot my blog addy
thanks for an awesome giveaway.


Nana Jo said...

Those packages must be the missing packages from our house. Santa had boxes of fabrics I was planning to use on a wedding quilt for our nephew but someone hacked into Santa's computer and changed the address from ours to yours. He didn't realize the mistake or know how important those fabrics are for this special couple. Sorry, I don't have a blog.


Stitched With Prayer said...

The Bow on the Bag!!!
The elves packed the sleigh with the greatest of care.
They cinched the bags tight and no knots did they spare.

But one little elf wanted bows on his bag.
He thought knots were ugly and just such a drag.

He knew that they would never allow just a bow.
The bags with the gifts must be secure, tied just so.

So while Santa and Elves were all studying maps,
And checking out Santa's Smart Phone GPS APP,

The little elf took out his pretty bowed sack.
But he had to put it on top of the stack.

If he just hadn't stopped to take one last long peek,
At the beautiful fabric all folded and sleek.

The sack would have been packed down under the seat,
And wouldn't have spilled out on so many streets.

And the ladies and gents were all filled with such pleasure,
Running back home, arms full of great fabric treasure.

But some of the packages are missing still
Just finding one of them would be such a thrill,

And the best part of all in this story so long,
Is the poor little elf, well, he did nothing wrong.

The bag he was meant to fill up and secure,
Was the prettiest bag in the sleigh that's for sure.

And happily Santa was pleased the elf tried,
To make his bag as pretty as the fabric inside.

So Santa saved one special gift for this elf,
Christmas day there was one brand new quilt on his shelf.

He slept oh so snug and he knew he'd done right.
Making the bag with the fabric, the prettiest in sight!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for a chance to win such a wonderful gift! Here my link to my blog post http://oneygirl-myquiltingadventure.blogspot.com/2010/12/what-we-did-for-christmas-and-giveaway.html

Marianne said...

Sorry I don't have a blog but I hope you will still let me have a chance to win in your great giveaway. Our Christmas Eve was wonderful with all the family home from all over Canada. I was great to have them all home for the holiday season.

Nancy said...


Thanks for the giveaway!

Karen P. said...

ho, ho, ho, I know where the other gifts got stuck at! My husband stashed my new cutting mat under the sofa since it was too hard to wrap, I bet if you look under there there will be a layer cake or two! This would make my christmas perfect, I need some new fabric to cut on my new mat!

Trish said...

You see I am truly one of Santa's helpers... I work for FedEx! Christmas Eve Day was spent making sure all the packages found their way home. I love my job, but it puts a different perspective on the holidays. By the end I am exhausted!

This year, one of the packages was for me. You see, Santa sent me a new sewing machine! He also signed me up for a Quilting 101 class that starts in 2 weeks! Yippee!

After work on Christmas Eve, I went home to a nice family dinner. After dinner our tradition is to open one gift. What did I open? My sewing machine! Good thing I am a big girl, because what did I find when I unpacked my box? A broken sewing machine... AWWW... I was so bummed. But, it's OK, the replacement came yesterday and I can say that I am very tired today from staying up way too late playing with my new toy.

Merry Christmas!

Barbieann said...


Happy Holiday's
and thanks for the chance to participate!

Quiltjane said...

Thanks for the giveaway. FQS is my favourite on-line fabric shop. Here is my URL. I hope you like it.

RavenzTarot said...


did i post this right?

Michele T said...

I really think that Santa is losing it after all these years in the delivering presents business!! I mean, what exactly did happen to the Go! I wanted?! Sheesh, after dropping numerous and perpetual hints, I did not find that under my tree Christmas morning either! Sniff, sniff... I am guessing that maybe another quilter who really needs our hoped for presents got them instead and I'm okay with that, are you too? So, a nice gift certificate as a consolation prize would be awesome... did I mention that I have a birthday on Jan. 1??

Joelle said...

Santa never told me that I wasn't supposed to open that rectangular box. I never learned to read and I didn't see that the box was for Mom and Dad. I don't have opposable thumbs, so, as usual, I just ripped the wrapping apart with my teeth. I had just eaten an ornament but I was still hungry and Santa brought some REALLY good stuff. Those truffles were to die for, which I nearly did since NOW they tell me that dogs aren't supposed to eat chocolate. But I have a cast iron stomach and after a day of being banished to the outdoors, I am back in the family's good graces. They tell everyone what a naughty dog I am, but you have to be NICE for Santa to bring you gifts, don't you? Anyway it was worth it and I had a fantastic Christmas!

Deb C. said...

My son lives a few states away and just got married this year. I made matching quilted stockings for each of them out of Moda plaid fabrics I have been hoarding for something 'special'. One of the items in the stockings was a lovely antique book for my daughter in law and gift cards for them to buy things for their new 'home' as well as other items. Their stockings were filled to the tops with love for their first Christmas together. Their package was shipped priority mail mid December but never reached its destination. No insurance was purchased and the tracking receipt has been lost. I have no idea where it is, who may have received it or if it may someday find its way to them. Keep your fingers crossed for me, would you?

Anonymous said...


My entry! This was a lot of fun!

Brie Henri said...

Hey Rach...I'm dying to do my blog up all pretty for my story but I can't figure out how to add your image to my blog...(I'm a little technology challenged) PLEASE HELP!!

Love Brie

P.S. So glad I've found you Blog

Brie Henri said...

i figured it out YAY!


Rochelle said...

Hi Rachel,

Thanks for the fun opportunity to enter this, it was a hoot to write a story like this - even though mine has an element of truth :-)

Here is my entry

Jennie @ Porch Swing Quilts said...

Here is my entry - slightly different format, but I hope you enjoy it!


Melinda said...

Yay! Looks like I found this just in time!


Unknown said...

Ah Santa that great man with the bowl full of jelly-like tummy was a bit drunken this past Christmas eve night. For you see someone had slipped him some spiked egg-nog rather than his custom 2% milk. Ah but that Santa is resourceful and hit all the housea tried and true...however he mixed up a few packages and left a few behind. I eagerly ran to my tree Christmas morning hoping beyond hope that he remembered the new sewing machine I asked, pleaded and begged for. A huge pile of crumpled wrapping built up but alas no sewing machine to be seen. When out of the blue what is in that bright green shiny wrapping paper over there...Why it is a new Cricut....not the sewing machine but it will do.

Giveawaymommy at yahoo dot com

Unknown said...

Meant to mention that while I have a blog I am no longer going to be keeping up with it (just not cut out to be a blogger). So that is why I'm posting in comment rather then on there since it is going bye bye.

Unknown said...

It was a dark and stormy night... Naw, not really, but I did get all 11 pairs of jammie bottoms and 6 ho-ho-ho banners done... barely!

Spoiler alert--finished writing will 'enjoying' the cold the Fam shared with me. *cough, sniffle, sort..*

dettonlisas@gmail.com said...

I think this is a great idea... I'm not going to enter this time. I just dont have the time, but I LOVE the idea! :) Happy New Year

Anita said...

I am re-posting this comment because I put it somewhere, and I think it's not on here for some reason. UGH..computer stuff I'm not great at...OK here it is again:

Christmas Eve....The Antelope Valley had a lot of rain recently. So we woke up a couple days before with water dripping from the ceiling. The Christmas tree had to be moved, but in doing so we tweaked it (it's fake) and so it all had to go into the trash, except the ornaments of course. Anyway, Christmas Eve we are waiting for my daughter and her boyfriend to arrive. All day I'm cooking and getting things ready....and in the early morning I actually hear "a clatter" on the roof. What day is this, I say? It's Christmas eve...well, it must be Santa and his reindeer!! Sure sounds like it...but he's a tad early. Oh well. So I go outside to look and it's this younger guy with a beard standing by the chimney. Ho Ho Ho! Yep, it was Santa...giving us a really neat gift...a new roof before Christmas Day!!!!!!!!!! P.S. We did get a new tree.

dettonlisas@gmail.com said...

You inspired me to do something similar... check out my giveaway here: http://homeschoolmomlisa.blogspot.com/2010/12/entering-into-new-year.html

Marshall said...

Olde Santa is lost because Rudolph's nose bulb burned out. So, when Santa was leaving presents at your house he left some of mine too! Santa messed up his delivery route kinda' like the way our mailman misdelivers our mail. Santa sent me a letter from the North Pole that said, paraphrased, I'm sorry, please let me explain.... Though he didn't say he was taking back my presents from you, perhaps you will see your way clear to return them to the rightful owner (Maggie Lou). Santa knows I don't have a chimney - he depends too much on Rudolph's GPS and was on a deadline. Well, that is what he wrote in the letter. Thanking you in advance for being a Good Samaritan! Blessings!

WandaFish said...

'twas the night before Christmas and nothing stirred, all was quiet, except suddenly music blared out from Jingle Bells House - Santa's helpers in the fabric quarters (where Kimberly helped oversee the gift wrapping for all fabric lovers) had been joined by Rachel (who'd been anxious to get her hands on some early Sherbet Pips). Festive cheer overcame the crew and soon merry elves were break dancing round the Christmas tree.
The orderly packing became a riot as fat quarters, layer cakes and jelly rolls were flung around the bakehouse in the search for the elusive Pips.
Kimberly managed to calm things down and Santa set off on his sleigh laden with gifts for fabric lovers (p.s. I quilt too!)
All was going well until, at the first house, Santa got stuck up the chimney! At first, he thought he'd eaten too many mince pies and was too fat, but then he realised his pockets were bulging with fabric parcels. Once he got rid of those, he was able to whizz up the chimney and get on with the job of keeping the sewists of the world happy - all except little ol' me, whose fabric had been left behind by Santa 'cos a chimney wasn't wide enough.
Santa's motto is now 'measure before you cut and run'.
I believe Rachel has found happiness with some Innocent Crush and hot chocolate.....

lisa said...

it's a rather long story, but I think you'll like it


(and just to help, H is my 17 month old, R is my 4 1/2 year old and A is my hubby)

Mary Sunshine said...

I hope I'm not too late or long winded!


Nancy Sue said...

If I’ve told Santa Hubby once, I’ve told him a hundred times before,
Let me fix the tear on your toy bag else something bad will be in store.
Sure ‘nuf as I stood there with hands on my hips,
Old Santa Hubby silenced me with his finger to my lips.
“Now dear let’s be realistic, he said with a wink.
You’ve had all year to mend this repair, don’t cha think?”
I humbly nodded as he resumed loading his sack,
Still brainstorming and scheming as he gave me flack.
What could I place near the tear in the bag,
That wouldn’t be missed terribly if it happened to sag.
Ah, I have just the thing so many quilters had on their list,
Seam rippers…really unneeded…so I thought, here’s the twist...
I’ll pack them all down near the torn seams that were bulging
(Hells bells, ya really think I can rhyme the word bulging).
Later that eve in the wee hours of morn,
Seam rippers fell out of the seam that was torn.
They landed on houses, in fields, on the street.
Why they even landed softly near Arctic Penguins’ feet.
For in 2011, the infamous seam ripper will not be needed,
Though last year we cried and with our machines pleaded.
So this is my New Year’s wish to you all…..
Don’t aim for perfect, aim for having a ball!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Would love to win.

We told our little 3 year old granddaughter that Santa would pass by any house where the children were not in bed.. You never saw a child run up the stairs to bed so fast in your life!

Happy New Year

Bonnie McLain

sandyandcosmo said...

No blog so here's my story. My grown children were here for the holidays, perfect cozy family get-together. And then Chris yelled "Get him off of me!" Followed by a call to his wife who had just left to fetch a present she forgot, "Bring me a pair of pants!" (Oddly enough she didn't even question why). Yes, my little 15 year old dog had pooped on Chris's lap. Which ended with him sitting around in his boxers till the replacement pants arrived. Oh yeah, I have pictures to prove it. Another priceless Christmas moment at the Hardman house.

Cheri said...

We had a lovely Christmas with the exception of a nasty GI bug that made it's way from Seattle. I prayed that I would just make it through the day as I had 26 people coming for dinner! The "bug" hit the other grandparents side and saved us till later! My Hubby is sick with it now and I'm praying I can avoid it. Just disinfected the bathrooms for about the 15th time! But we did have a wonderful Christmas with all 4 boys and their families home. Happy New Year.

Kelli said...

Hope I'm not too late...here's my entry!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Rachel, and thanks for such a great giveaway to start the new year!

chammer1 said...

My Christmas eve ....hope it's not too late.

I was invited to a dear friends',
but scarce a gift I had to share,
For I'd planned on sewing them all
but surgery would not wait or care

As we all know, He knows the best
even when OUR plan seems so great.
At times he says it's time to rest
Other things will just have to wait

So what could I do in only 4 days having just gotten home so weak?
I feel so sick and all worn out,
I really must get some sleep.

Like Goldilocks I fall fast asleep
for three days it's all I can do,
but now it's the morning of 12/24
and I simply must come through.

I match up my fabrics for gifts, that are cute, but simple to make.
5"x5" I measure, cut, fold & sew,
I now have some coasters to take.

I missed the Pizza party
I didn't mind, it wasn't the end,
because now I had gifts to bring
to share with my dear frinds.

This is my story of my Christmas eve,
It was wonderfuly happy up to the end
Because I was blessed to have spent
My Christmas with my very best friend.

chammer1 said...


I don't have a blog.

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