fabric necklace tutorial.

24 June 2009

ask and you shall receive.

you'll need 3 strips of fabric.
each being about 1/2" x 44"

my fabric=objects of desire by sandy gervais for moda.

layer your 3 strips and secure with a safety pin.

anchor your safety pin to something heavy.
{i like to use a folded up quilt.}

start braiding your fabric.

keep braiding until you reach the end of your strips.

take then end of your braid and loop your fabric around...

...and tie a knot.
you're gonna do this at the top of your braid as well.

your necklace will look like this.

fit your necklace around your neck.
{it helps to look in the mirror.}

before settling on a length...
keep in mind what shirt styles you'll be wearing.
and remember that you will be slipping this on OVER your head.

the length that i want is marked here by the safety pin.

remove your pin and stitch back & forth over your necklace.
i go back & forth about 4 times, just to be safe.

your gonna want to snip the end off about 1/8" from your stitches.

you've just made the perfect summer accessory!!!
{not to mention it's a kid friendly craft.}

you can wear these at the beach with your bathing suit
out & about with a summer top and jeans.

there's no wrong way to wear a fabric necklace!!!
okay maybe not with a wedding dress...
unless it was a beachy wedding!!!
okay...i'm stopping.

hope yall enjoy!!!

toot your own horn!!!
if you make this, add the pic to my p.s. i quilt: sew & tell flickr group.

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Donna said...

How cute, Rachel. I love braids!

Jacque. said...

Hey Rachel!

I'm thinkin' a fabric necklace is probably too 'young' for me, but my niece and 2 granddaughters would LOVE some of them! So, thank you so much for the tute...and I will toot my own horn when I do up a few. YAY!

Rose said...

Very cute!! This reminds me of making "friendship bracelets" in junior high school, but I used to pin it to my jeans. (I was using much shorter thread than your lengths of material lol.) I didn't realize they were so easy!

Unknown said...

awesomely cute!!!! I'd like these wrapped around my wrist as bracelets too.

Pat said...

Thanks.......sounds really easy.....and a great project for the grandkids, too!!! Love the idea of wrapping them around the wrist for bracelets, also.

Julie @ Jaybird Quilts said...

super cute.
but you already knew that.
and nice model.
i like her too.

Stacey said...

look at you girl!! you are on fire with all you creativeness!!! spread a little creative ness my way huh?? i thinking i want to make me one of these, and actually, it would be great for the girls to make some too!! and we are in store for another rainy day again, maybe maybe!! i got scraps. i gotta go dig through them, thanks for posting this today, we might be making some today!! hehe

Thimbleanna said...

You're so funny Rachel! This little necklace is adorable!

tmac said...

So cute! I will definitely be sporting one this summer!

TexasRed said...

Sounds like a great kids' project!

Mary Anne Drury said...

How CUTE !!!! AND ...so is the bag dispenser from Moda Bakeshop!!!

ferne said...

Would look really great with my emroidery scissors hanging from them so I could keep track of them! and maybe make several and braid them together for a belt.

Dawn said...

Too cute!! Thanks for the tutorial!!

Kim Brackett said...

Precious! Gotta make one or fifteen of these!

Jeni said...

This is right up my ally! Thanks so much for sharing!

Unknown said...

oh my..those are so cute! and another thing to add to my to do list!!
your tutorials are wonderful, thanks for sharing them!

dotti white said...

Rachel...thanks a bunch! these are so very cute. I will be doing some of these, I believe, with my granddaughter, too!

Amanda Jean said...

that is really cute!

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing Rachel. Love the photos. They say it all.

Dena Rooney-Berg (SugarShop) said...

ooooh great tutorial!

Bird said...

Sooo cute!

Thank you for sharing and tahnks for the wonderful list of tuts you got there!

Where do I follow your blog?

Bird said...

never mind...just found it :)

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