the griffith's.

08 March 2009

here are just SOME fun facts about us...the griffith's:

my last name is actually griffith.

we have a son named andrew.
{and sometimes i call him andy.}
and our town is LIKE mayberry!!!
could that be any stranger???

yes it can...listen to this:
my daughter's name really is melanie griffith. THE melanie griffith.

AND there is an actress named rachel griffiths...i'm rachel griffith.

my hubby was named after the movie shane.

yall know the 7th president...andrew jackson...
well i have a son named jackson and one named andrew.
{oh and andrew jackson was irish too!!!}

*que the cooky twilight zone music*

and honestly...
we took none of this into consideration when naming our kids.
but it makes for an interesting story doesn't it?!?

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Unknown said...

Great to know you a little better! I love to know why and how people name their children. I think it is fun!

Pat said...

You are a riot, Kiddo! :)

beanie g said...

Hey, Rachel, thanks for popping over to my blog. Fun to know fellow Irish girls from other states (my last name was Casey before I got married ... and there are Callahans, O'Donnells, Coynes in our family too). I love reading your blog and checking out your quilts! Have a great day! And check back later in the week for some super fun St. Patty's day socks I got for my Irish & Greek kids!

Thimbleanna said...

Where's Aunt Bea???? LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Rachel, I have a son named Andrew too and our last name is Fyffe! Oh...and his middle name is Taylor. Our son was actually named after two relatives. We joked that if we ever had a girl we would name her Thelma Lou.

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