super bowl sunday.

01 February 2009

sunday. sunday. sunday.
it's super bowl sunday.

we...the griffith bunch...are the all american football family!!!
that's how we roll.

do yall like andrew's football tattoo???
yeah i have to draw one just about every other day.
{football on one hand, nemo on the other.}

our team isn't in the bowl.
but we'll be cheering on the cardinals.
{we are brown's fans...steelers are bad!!!}

along with the super bowl itself...
my quilt shop down the street is having a super bolt sale!!!
yes...i WILL be checking that out.
{pics will follow. promise.}

mandie 'no blog' & her hubby are coming over!!!

oh and seriously i can't wait for the commercials.
i always LOVE the budweiser commercials.
those clydesdales make my heart happy.
they are my favorite horses you know.

AND everyone seems to be feeling better.
melanie & jackson still have nasty coughs though.
thanks for all the sweet emails.
yall are the bestest!!!

go cardinals.
even though i think the steelers are gonna win!!!
{don't tell the hubby i said that.}

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Purple and Paisley said...

you were right...the steelers should have bet a lot of money! ☺ congrats on your new camera and goodies! and i'm so glad you all are feeling better!

Alviana said...

sounds fun!
ur kid are so cute :)
Good luck to u.

Donna said...

Miss Rachel - I found your blog while looking for quilt patterns and inspiration. You seem like a really down-to-earth young lady ... 26 years old with 3 kids and still time to quilt. I have 5 "children", although because the oldest is soon to be 32 and the youngest almost 16, I don't suppose they'd appreciate "children" but hey, it is what it is! I'm looking forward to seeing what you post next, you're an inspiration to young and old alike. (And oh, by the way, I'm from Pennsylvania ... and the Steelers AREN'T bad! I'd be fairly non-commital except that my husband of 32 years eats, drinks, and breathes Steeler Football! Gotta keep harmony in a household!) Take care. Donna

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