pay it forward: the p.s. i quilt edition

22 November 2008

well here goes my first pay it forward.
i was lucky enough to sign up for one via jojo's blog.
{my irishness was on my side for that one!!!}

so i'm hoping someone *might* wanna receive a gift from me.
maybe...just maybe yall might.

here are my rules.
'rules...what rules???'
i heard yall say that.

pay it forward: the p.s. i quilt edition
{that just sounds cool huh???}
so here’s how it works:
i will make and send a 'rachel-ish' gift to 3 lucky peeps.
i don't wanna do 'the first 3 people who sign up' like everyone does.
cause that's how i roll.

so how am i gonna choose???
well i'm glad yall asked that.
everyone just sign up that would like to be included!!!
let's say by MONDAY.
on monday's post, i'll draw 3 names.
{name in a hat method.}
and those 3 peeps will be my pay it forward pals.
how's that???

i'm not telling what the 'rachel-ish' gift will be yet.
{only cause i don't know!!!}
you can bet your bottom dollar that you will love it!!!
if i don't already 'know' you...i'll get to know you via your blog.

and another thing about that gift:
i won't send it out this month.
not so much for next month either.
{it's almost christmas baby!!!}
i'm thinking within the next 3ish months.
how's that sound???

how about by saint patty's day???
oh yeah...that's it!!!
i'll send yall's stuff out by march 16th.

note to add: deadline has been moved to...before july 4th.

now the only other thing gotta share the wealth!!!
if you sign up with gotta pass it on.
just make the same promise on your blog.
{making your own 'rules' and deadline.}

so...good luck yall.

p.s. international gals are more than welcome to sign up!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Rachel!
So first things first, saw Twilight Friday night! I made my hubbie take me on a date =)
I think we were the only adults there without teenage girls. It was fun being around all their excited squeals though. Edward=HOT!! Made me sort of want to squeal too LOL.

AND I would love to be entered in the Pay It Forward-Rachel style =)

MaMa said...

I saw Twilight, too, and the teenage girls were going was I! Love to be entered in your pay it forward. I don't blog, but I will pay it forward to a few special people I know. Thanks for hosting.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, there are quilters out there in their 20's!

Im glad I found your Blog!

Cheers, Erin (24) in Australia :)

TaraB said...

I love pay it forwards! I would love anything that is Rachelish.. I love TWILIGHT!!!

Stacey said...

not sure if you are still accepting people for this, but I would love to be entered.

Deb Funcke said...

G'day Rachel, my sister has recommended I read your blog - fantastic and well done. Is it too late to sign up for the 'pay it forward'?, it sounds a great concept.

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