thank you! thank you! thank you!

17 September 2008

rachel's acceptance speech for the primitive excellence award:

thank you! thank you! thank you!
i can hardly conjugate verbs! i just feel SO lucky!
and this award is SO...unexpected.
oh thank you again!
i just want everyone to read it in bloglines, that even in my bloggiest of times,
i never would have imagined that this could ever liberate me from bloggedy blog blog blog.

you know, there are SO many people that i want to thank!
first off though, i'd like to thank the academy molly, who looked deep within her blogroll before giving me this fantastic award.
also, i want to think the irish for making me SO lucky.
and to momma, who taught me to take writing by the pint of guinness horns.
and finally, to all my fellow bloggers - i couldn't have done it without yall.
*que the 'hurry up and finish' orchestra*
thank you blogland. and goodnight.

p.s. there's only 5 days until my 26th birthday!!!
{and momma will be here in '6 and a wake up'}

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Nanette Merrill said...

rachel you are so funny. On Monday my daughter turns 18. She's got a count down too. I love birthdays.

Carrie P. said...

I am getting excited about your birthday. I hope it is going to be grand for you.

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