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15 August 2008

my favorites...the quilting edition:

my favorite quilt block:
the correct answer would be the irish chain block.
so classic yet makes such a strong, beautiful statement.

my favorite fabric colors:
i LOVE browns and greens.
i think those really fit my personality.

my favorite quilting conditions:
having shrek the third playing in the background,
{trust me it's just as much for me as the babies...we heart shrek}
my kitchen HAS to be clean or i can't concentrate on quilting,
and i HAVE to quilt barefooted. i swear.
{if i put shoes on, it throws everything off!!!}

my favorite quilting magazine:
i really love american patchwork & quilting!!!
{and mccalls quilting too!!!}

my favorite quilt i've made:
the 'celtic crossing' quilt i made my bff mandie for her 30th bday.
{of course it has shamrocks on it!!!}

my favorite quilting technique:
i LOVE to machine piece.

my favorite quilting celeb:
i'd say pat sloan.
i heart her.

my favorite quilt given to me:
i've never been given a quilt.
sad huh???

my favorite current project:
holy toledo...i'd say the fabric baskets i've been making.
{i might need a stepdown program!!!}
and my granddaddy's 'endless love' quilt.

my favorite quilting blog:
omg!!! how could i choose???
i LOVE so many of yall's blogs.

my favorite holiday to quilt for:
yall are probably thinking st. patrick's day huh???'s halloween & christmas.
{but st. patrick's day is right there behind them!!!}

so what are yall's favorites???

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Jessica said...

I love learning new quilting techiniques and finding new fabrics that I cannot walk by without buying. I also love to recieve quilts- My mama is an excellent quilter and I've been on the receiving end of her quilts many times.

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