little beachy beauty

17 August 2008

so after months of this being completed,
i can finally unveil it to the blogging world.

why couldn't i before???
well this was my momma's birthday present.
and she's an avid p.s. i quilt reader.
{hi momma!!!}
so this little beachy beauty had to stay under wraps.

my inspiration for this little table topper was charleston.
why charleston???
that's where my momma lives.

please forgive the picture, it was taken via momma's blackberry.
and the charleston sun wanted to shine through that window SO bad!!!

this is one block from pat sloan's big block beauty.
{june 08' american patchwork & quilting.}
can you tell i LOVE making this block???
i think i've made it...4 times now. lol.

tomorrow i get to make a gynormous fabric order.
AND another pat sloan book.
but more on that tomorrow.

hope everyone had a great weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Very Nice! I like the colors together. Hope your mom enjoys!

a good yarn said...

Rachel, you have made some marvellous variations of the Big Block. I love them all!

It is definitely on my list of things to make.

All the best

Annie said...

Hi Rachel, lucky mum to get a pressie like that. Fancy not knowing anyone else who quilts . . . amazing. Looking forward to SS Swap.

quilterpolly said...

I love the block:) Gread color combo...You make your mom proud. I am excited about the SS Swap...It is going to be so much fun.
Polly in Long Beach:)

Mary Anne said...

LUCKY MOM!!! You did a GREAT job on that table topper quilt!

Busy Little Quilter said...

It's beautiful! That's a great idea to use one block as a table topper.

I have never made that block, but my friend has, and she likes it, too. I guess I should give it a try.

Elizabeth said...

Hi. That is a beautiful block! You have a lovely blog here and I will add it to my blogroll soon. I look forward to coming back often.

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