as promised.

19 August 2008

a basket.
oh how i love thee.

here's ONE of the baskets i've made.
isn't she a beauty???

she's my 2nd favorite. so far.
she was made using mrs. pat sloan's nikki fabric.
{find it here.}

i told yall that i mailed my momma some baskets.
{without taking pics!!!}
well she snapped some pics with the ol' blackberry for me.
{thanks momma!}

p.s. christmas is in 127 days!!!

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quilterpolly said...

your so cute. I love your baskets:) Thanks for the pictures.
Polly in Long Beach

Jessica said...

I need to get on making these baskets-They would be perfect to fill with Christmas goodies! Yours are so lovely!

Eileen said...

Your baskets are so cute. Everybody in blogland seems to be making these!

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