dr. nolan's quilt.

01 December 2008

omg it's done!!!
it's really and truely done!!!
*deep breath*

this quilt has been a huge monkey on my back the past few weeks!!!
well i had a strict deadline.
and i made it!!!
{thank god.}

the story about this quilt:
my momma...yall know my momma...
well her boss of years now, dr. nolan, is a great guy!!!
for christmas this year the staff wanted to give him a quilt.
*insert rachel here*

we went with a basic single irish chain.
we chose blue because that's the color of the staff's scrubs.
and in the setting blocks i hand embroidered the staff's names.
{i know...lots o' work!!!}

this bad boy is being mailed out tomorrow morning.
{express shipping to charleston, south carolina!!!}
to be presented to dr. nolan at the trident pain center's christmas party on friday!!!
{i cut that one close huh???}

don't get me wrong though.
i really did enjoy working on this quilt.
i mean hello...irish chain!!!

so now momma is waiting to hold it in her arms.
and 'test' how snuggly it is before dr. nolan gets it.
{haha momma.}

momma has already showed pics to the staff...
she has assured me that "everyone ♥s it"
and i realize that i am my own worst critic...
but what i'm really getting at is:
what do yall think???
i know that the hand embroidery is not the best, but it has character...right???
and at least i tired something new...right???

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Sherri said...

I think the quilt is amazing...I'm sure it will be loved...and what a great idea to embroider all those names! I bet it feels great to have it completed!

Purple Quilter Queen said...

That turned out awesome! What a great gift. I'm sure he will love it as will the other staff members! Great job! Jennifer

Thimbleanna said...

Wow Rachel! This quilt is beautiful -- what a lucky Dr.!!!

Cindy said...

Hi Rachel! Nice to "meet" you! The quilt looks awesome! I'm sure Doc will love it!!

And you're welcome for the recipe for 'white chili'...it was so good! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Thanks for your prayers.

And about punch needle? It's really simple once ya get the hang of it!

Anna M. said...

What a beautiful quilt and a wonderful gift! I'm so glad he loved it! =)

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